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Video Pipe Inspection

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Underground Pipe Locating

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Sewer Odors

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Video Pipe Inspection

How does PowerCam work?

A sewer inspection is a simple procedure that entails pushing a miniature video camera throughout the sewer system. As the video camera travels through the system, the video footage is displayed on a monitor. This provides a first–hand look at the condition of the sewer system from inside of the pipe. The sewer inspection is then recorded onto a DVD or in digital format.

What is CrawlerCam?

We use CrawlerCam when inspecting pipes 8" and larger. The camera is remotely directed through the pipe, allowing for access through larger pipes. CrawlerCam is most often used in commercial situations when dealing with series of large, long pipes.

Why should I have a video pipe inspection?

Simply put, knowing the problem saves you time and money. You and your technician will know exactly what is causing the blockage, so finding the solution will be much simpler and faster. Eliminate the trial–and–error method by using video inspection!

I think my drainage system may be complicated, and may involve several solutions. What should I do?

If you are concerned that your pipes may need some serious work, as many commercial sites do, we can send out our technician to discuss your drainage issues and walk you through all of your options. For commercial inquiries or other large drainage systems, us a call at 419–663—3403 or schedule a service online!

The Bottom Line

When you have questions, A–1 PowerCam will give you answers. We have the technology to do job fast, and the technicians to do the job right. With A–1 Drain and Sewer PowerCam and CrawlerCam solutions, you will see your pipes in a whole new light!

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Underground Pipe Locating

Do you need to find a blocked pipe, or need to make sure that an area is clear for excavation? A–1 Underground Pipe Location utilizes the most technologically advanced methods to find lines and keep you moving forward!

How do you locate underground pipes?

We locate pipes through our PowerCam, a technology that will not only find your pipe, but also any leaks or clogs within the pipe! We can locate both drainage and water pipes of all different materials and diameters with PowerCam. We use electronic leak detection equipment so that no leak goes unnoticed.

When do I need to know the location of an underground pipe?

Sometimes, the drainage problem is deep underground. In those cases, underground pipe location makes finding and fixing the drainage problem easier. If you are planning to do landscaping or excavating on your property, you need to check the affected areas for pipes to avoid penetrating a line and causing a drainage issue mid-project.

The Bottom Line:

When you need to be sure, you need A–1 Underground Pipe Location. Call us at 419–663—3403 or schedule a service online to have one of our expertly trained technicians locate your underground pipes!

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Sewer Odors

When you're entertaining, the last thing you want your guests thinking about is a bad sewer odor. How can you get rid of the smell if you can't find it? That's where A–1 Sewer Odor Location comes in!

How do you locate a sewer odor in my pipes?

In most situations, sewer odor is a result of a clog or buildup within a drainage pipe. Our expertly trained technicians will perform diagnostic work such as PowerSnake and PowerClean to locate and remove the sewer odor.

I've already had the pipes cleaned and the odor won't go away! What should I do?

A bad sewer odor is an indication of a drainage issue within your pipes that hasn't yet been discovered. We use PowerCam to locate the exact cause of the sewer odor. If an odor eludes even our PowerCam, we will find it through smoke detection.

How does smoke detection work?

We insert smoke into the line and review the area to locate points of access from the line into the house or property. Where we see smoke, we know that an area of the pipe has been compromised and needs attention.

Bottom Line:

You don't have to be powerless to sewer odors. Blow the candle out and call A–1 Drain and Sewer Service to locate that smell!

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