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Electro-Mechanical Drain Cleaning

Unclogs drains fast

Water Jetting

Drains so clean, it's like getting a new pipe

Preventive Maintenance

Avoid an emergency with routine service

Electro–Mechanical Drain Cleaning

You know that the sink isn't draining, or that the toilet won't flush. Figuring out what's causing the blockage is a different story. With the A–1 Power Auger, the days of taking apart the pipes are over!

What is an A–1 Power Auger?

A–1 Power Auger is an electromechanical machine with a flexible steel cable that rotates through your pipes with an attached blade.

How does it work?

The Power Auger travels through the pipe as the rotating blade dislodges blockages. By the time the PowerAuger has made its way through your pipe, the blockages have been purged and the drain is flowing!

When do I need A–1 Power Auger?

When you need a fast solution to a clogged pipe that is easy on your wallet, you need A–1 Power Auger. We use A–1 Power Auger for almost all of our initial responses to clogged drains.

What if my drain is too long for A–1 Power Auger?

Not all blockages are created equal. Larger, longer drains can mean more stubborn blockages, and that's when you need the A–1 Power Jet. Un–like the Power Auger, the Power Jet Uses EXTREMELY high pressure and water volume to break up, pulverize, and emulsify stubborn blockages. The difference? It's a more powerful machine made to reach and destroy the toughest blockages. Most customers that have had us use the Power Jet insist we use it for their pipe cleaning.

My drain seems to be clogged all the time. What should I do?

If your drain is constantly backing up, you may need a professional cleaning. Don't worry– we've got you covered! Take a look at our Water Jetting Service to learn more.

The Bottom Line

Whether it's a sink, toilet, shower, tub, main line, or outside drain, A–1 Power Auger or our A–1 Power Jet service has the equipment and power to do the job right. You'll be washing, rinsing and flushing again in no time!

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Water Jetting

"My drain is always clogged, and nothing seems to clear it!" We hear this a lot at A–1, and we are happy to tell you that you are not doomed to have a clogged drain forever. Sometimes, drains just need a good cleaning, and that's when you need Water Jetting services.

Grease, sludge, waste, roots, and debris are the main causes of drain line blockages. Cable machines punch through these blockages, but they may not completely clear the line.

How does jetting work?

A hose is propelled by water into the sewer line under tremendous pressure. As the hose returns, powerful forward and reverse jets of water clean the sewer line.

Jets? Explain that.

A–1 Power Jet Nozzles cut grease, roots, sand, silt, and debris from sewers. Powerful rear jets clean the pipe wall and provide sufficient pulling power to pull 500 feet of hose. Rotation also means streak–free cleaning! A single front jet cuts grease or other plugs so that the nozzle can get into the deposits for effective cleaning.

Will it clean grease?

This drain was almost completely clogged with grease. A single pass restored free flow.

Will it cut roots?

At 4000psi at 18gpm, our water jets can cut a hole through pine in less than a minute.

I could need A–1 Power Jet Water Jetting service, or I may need something more. How can I know for sure?

Take the guesswork out by sending in another pair of eyes, the A–1 PowerCam will give a bird's eye view of the problem, letting you and your technician know exactly what needs to be done.

The Bottom Line:

A–1 Power Jet gives you drains so clean, it's like getting new pipes!

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Preventive Maintenance

Avoid long term sewer problems and reduce drainage surprises by setting up a scheduled maintenance plan with A–1 Sewer and Drain. We are here to work with you and can create a plan that fits your needs.

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